About Us


ROSEPACK has been a major supplier of flowers, plants and florist accessories in Iran and the Middle East since 1985.

Our business is divided into two parts:


1. Live plants, including fresh cut flowers, foliage and indoor plants:

Different provinces of Iran have different climates, so there are many greenhouses in Iran.Therefore, a lot of various flowers and plants are producing in Iran. Due to the sunny days and cheap energy, growing plants in Iran is economical and there are several greenhouses in Iran.

ROSEPACK is working with many greenhouses. We buy their products, then purchased plants transport to ROSEPACK warehouse in Tehran weekly.

We have some greenhouses in Tehran for storing the plants temporary. Also, we have a large cold storage for cut flowers’ temporary protection. After plants are arrived, they’ll go through treatment, sorting and packaging process. Finally, the plants send to customers according to their orders based on the type, quality, and color.


2. Flower and florist accessories:

We have thousands of products in this section. All kinds of vases, flower baskets, flower and gift boxes, ribbons and so on. Some of these products are provided by Iranian manufacturers and some others are imported from other countries. So, a complete set of tools related to flowers, florists and floral decoration has been collected.

ROSEPACK has a large showroom with an area of 3000 m2 in Tehran so clients can see and consider all the products.


Who we are:

ROSEPACK has been working in this industry since 1985. Nowadays ROSEPACK is well known everywhere in Iran and its products can be bought from any flower shop.

We have good facilities for exporting products, especially live plants and cut flowers to neighboring countries. We have limited exports to Russia, UAE, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan. But we are looking for more customers outside of Iran. We are ready to cooperate with importers in Arab and Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our products are also suitable and economical for Central Asian countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


We can deliver products to you anywhere in Iran and in the country's borders. It is also possible to send goods by truck and train to neighboring countries. Transportation by plane and ship is also possible. We can do internal customs operations completely. So, it is possible to deliver goods based on different incoterms.You can pay in Iranian Rials (TOMAN). Also, you can pay dollars into our bank account in the UAE.


We invite you to visit the warehouses, greenhouses, cold storage, and ROSEPACK exhibition place in Tehran.
All of our products are available on the website. However, due to translation restrictions, the website is only available in Persian (Farsi). You can use the automatic translation of the site in your language by clicking on the link below. Of course, automatic translation may have many mistakes, but it can be a reference to get to know our company.

ROSEPACK website in English


How to order:

You don’t need translation of the site. Everything has photo. Please just pay attention to the photos. You can see the photos of all the products & their prices. Prices are in TOMAN (Iranian Rial). To convert them to USD, simply divide the price to 25,000 (the day exchange rate). For example if a product’s price is TOMAN50,000, it is equal to USD2.0
To place an order, you can write the product code & send it for us. Or you can order online.To ordering online, please don’t use the translated website, but use the main site at www.rosepack.com. This video show how you can place an order online:


To contact us, please send email to info@rosepack.com or send message in WhatsApp to +989126849690. Please contact us in English language.